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Diving Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor, Ambon with Mermaid Liveaboards I & II. We offer the opportunity to dive Indonesia’s best dive sites with our friendly & professional staff. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any inquiries or  or questions about planning your diving holiday in Indonesia. Whatever trip you choose, be prepared for some of the best scuba diving Indonesia has to offer!

Mermaid I

Mermaid I Dive and Cruise

After many years of working with different boats, we knew exactly what was needed to create the perfect diving vessel. In 1999 construction of the MV Mermaid I began in Bangkok, where she was built by an experienced and highly professional team and completed after two years. The immense effort finally paid off and this vessel became the flagship of our fleet complete with IMO certification.

The luxurious MV Mermaid I offers all amenities you can dream of. All 8 cabins are fully air-conditioned and equipped with TV & DVD player, single, twin or double bed, a large wardrobe, plenty of storage room and an en-suite bath room with hot water shower, toilet and sink. We also provide fresh bath towels daily, beach towels, bathrobes, hair-dryers, towels, soap and shampoo for your comfort.

Mermaid II

Mermaid II Dive and Cruise

The MV Mermaid II was built and started her duty in the year 2000. She has been constantly improved and after five years of cruising experience, we can proudly say that she is possibly the best in her class – one of the most comfortable and diver friendly liveaboards in Indonesia.

Our 8 deluxe cabins offer all the comforts you need. Deluxe cabins offer a large panoramic window. All cabins offer private en-suites with hot water showers and sink, camera-charging outlet, storage space, wardrobe and life jackets.

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    Komodo Island, Indonesia
    Komodo DragonThe Komodo National Park is one of the world´s most diverse and interesting marine and wildlife parks with a total land area of 75,000 hectares. In 1980 Komodo's unique environment led it to become an UNESCO World Heritage site and in 2012 one of the New7Wonders of Nature. Ray at Komodo Island, IndonesiaThe Komodo National Park is home to a rare diversity of animals; wild deer, water buffalo and monkeys roam the undulating hills making prey for a population of the world's largest lizard, the famous Komodo dragon. The morning time songs of Yellow-crested cockatoos and Nicobar pigeons make a wonderful start to your day.
    Small fish at Komodo Island, IndonesiaThe Nusa Tengarra region covers hundreds of kilometers navigating through breathtaking scenery such as; volcanoes, mangrove forests and the stunning blue of the wide open sea contrasted with sun-scorched, red earth islands.
    Alga at Komodo Island, Indonesia Komodo offers world class diving and snorkeling in an amazing variety of sites with walls, coral gardens, pinnacles, drop offs as well as quiet bays for macro photographers seeking rarely seen critters in black volcanic sand. Komodo is blessed by a through flow of currents and cold water upwellings flowing to and from the Indian Ocean providing nutrient rich waters where swathes of soft corals, sponges, ascidians and clouds of brightly coloured fish thrive. When the current´s right exhilarating blue water, fish soup diving with explosions of fusiliers, trevallies, sharks and other pelagic fish will leave you mesmerized for hours. Hang out with congregations of Manta Rays while they feed, clean and dance on the shallow reefs and rock formations. The Mermaid liveaboard fleet makes departures from Benoa Harbor, Bali, Indonesia. We operate on a regular schedule, but we are also available for charter trips, if interested please contact us.
    Under water photos set of Komodo Island, Indonesia

    Raja Ampat

    Raja Ampat island, Indonesia
    Sea ​​horse at Raja Ampat island, IndonesiaRaja Ampat has been documented as one of the last frontiers of unspoilt diving. The archipelago's pristine reefs are not just rich but the region proves to have the greatest coral reef biodiversity for its size in the world. The Bird's Head Seascape holds: 2,500 islands and reefs, 1,320 fish species, 550 coral species and all that is yet to be discovered.
    Sea ​​horse at Raja Ampat Island, IndonesiaRaja Ampat is the seascape's crown jewel. Fittingly, the name means "four kings." The four main islands or “Kings” of the archipelago: Waigeo in the north, Salawati west of Sorong, Batanta north of Salawati, and Misool in the south.
    Deep Coral at Raja Ampat Island, IndonesiaVisit Waigeo and dive the famous Dampier Strait, some of Raja Ampat´s most action-packed dive sites. Exhilarating current dives and reliable manta cleaning stations where you can experience these majestic giant pelagics dance for hours along with many other treasures such as the tasselled wobbegong shark.
    Coral at Raja Ampat Island, IndonesiaDive the beautiful and unique mangrove areas of Yanggefo and Gam islands where the tips of healthy acropora corals contrast with the lush green of the mangroves making excellent split images, while just beneath the surface schools of archerfish hunt among the forest of mangrove roots. . Batanta Island, known for its excellent muck diving and amazing variety of nudibranchs including the endemic Thecacera sp. Black sand slopes full of wonderful critters and frequent sittings of the rare mimic octopus. . Misool area in southern Raja Ampat is a must for those who enjoy radiant coloured soft corals. There are stunning walls, pinnacles and reefs with masses of huge gorgonian fans and sea fans hosting an array of the famous pygmy seahorses. The vast area and variety of dive sites makes it ideal location to be discovered via liveaboard. Under water photos set of Raja Ampat Island, Indonesia

    Raja Ampat - Lembeh Cruise

    Lembeh Sorang, Indonesia
    Boxfish at Lembeh, IndonesiaThis route offers such a wealth of biodiversity starting with the spectacularly beautiful reefs around the Raja Ampat area to the Island of Halmahera and on to the “critter heaven” of the Lembeh Straits. The cruise runs between Sorong Papua and Bitung in North Sulawesi or return. Goby fish at Lembeh, IndonesiaAlong the way to the famous muck diving capital of Lembeh Strait explore the magnificent diving and abundance of fish life on the surrounding small islands of Tifore and Pulau Pisang. Travel through breathtaking scenery with lush tropical green forests and a multitude of impressive volcanoes really a photographer’s paradise. Underwater discover vibrant soft and hard coral slopping reefs and pinnacles to which are home to a plentitude of fish and blacktip reef sharks.
    Pelagic fish at Lembeh, IndonesiaLong, lazy dives in the black sand strait of Lembeh where a myriad of rare and unusual underwater animals can be found. Keep your eyes firmly set on seeing the small wonders.
    Mandarin Fish at Lembeh, IndonesiaDive this unique, fascinating and spectacular underwater world with Mermaid Liveaboard Fleet.