12 days/11 nights Cruise

Banda Sea Diving, Banda Sea Liveaboards, Alor Scuba Diving, Alor Liveaboards

Day Itinerary Dives
Day 1 Check-in on board MV Mermaid I. Guests are required to arrive the day prior – 2 dives will be held this day – 1 at the fabulous critter sanctuary provided by the pier and another super reef dive just a few hours from Maumere. Cruise overnight to Kawula 100nm.




Day 2 Dive Cape Bacatan and the bay of Lewaling at the island of Kawula. 3 daylight dives along walls and ledges covered in sea fans and soft corals – chance for pygmy seahorse and critters here as well. Cape Bacatan is a good place to spot whitetips, blacktips, occasional grey reef sharks. Also a popular spot for eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, loads of schooling fish. A great muck night dive will be done in front of a traditional fishing village. Cruise overnight to Alor 70nm..


Day 3 Alor is one of the old time favorites dive spots for those people coming to dive in Indonesia year after year due to its variety of dive sites. Healthy reefs, pinnacles, walls, great muck dives, cold water, warm water, strong currents and protected areas. Alor has it all. Cruise overnight to Wetar 95nm



Day 4 .In Wetar we will do 4 dives, in the small island of Reong, and in Cape Nunukae. Pulau Reong is a small island on the northwest coast of Wetar and separated by a small channel only 700 meters wide. More walls, like many of the dive sites in the Band Sea, covered in small soft colors but of a great variety of colors and zillions of triggerfish of every species. Cape Nunukae, about 6 nm southwest of Pulau Reong, is a large ridge with slopes on both sides and covered with a hard coral reef on the shallow area of the ridge, and soft corals on the slopes in the deeper areas. Strong currents can be had at the end of the ridge, where large aggregations of schooling fish can be found. Cruise overnight a few hours to Gunung Api 75nm.



Day 5 Gunung Api – during October and November we have the chance to see the schooling hammerheads this area is becoming famous for. Gunung Api is already a rare and unusual dive site consisting mainly of sea snakes – mostly Chinese green snakes with a few banded sea snakes as well. No need to be scared but be prepared to have some awesome dives !!! Overnight to Damar 110nm.


Day 6 Today we dive several small islands – Neus Leur, Terbang Seletan, Terbang Utara and Damar. The island of Damar and its 3 surrounding small islands have spectacular diving. Like many dives in the Banda Sea there is crystal clear water and beautiful walls covered in massive sponges and beautiful soft corals.  Cruise a few hours to Nila 54 nm.


Day 7 Surrounding the island of Nila there are 2 atolls, Dusborg and Nil Desperandum. It’s at these 2 atolls where there is a good chance of seeing hammerhead sharks – even without – the reefs are fabulous, healthy walls and 50+ metre visibility. Cruise overnight to Gili Manuk 70nm 4
Day 8 .Manuk – Snake Volcano – sometimes more snakes than Gunung Api (still no need to be afraid !) The site also offers a black sand reef dive with loads of fish and pretty hard corals. If sharks were delighting all at Nila there is a chance to stay there this day instead – making 3 dives then travelling through to the Bandas.


Day 9/10 Banda Islands today ! Walls, swimthroughs, sponges and sea fans – good diving and great for wide angle. Several sites have swimthroughs large enough for several people to go through at the same time and is especially nice for wide angle and covered in soft corals. Sites in the Bandas drop down thousands of metres offering spectacular walls and stunning reef tops – visibility usually 40-50+ metres. The night dive is at the pier in front of an hotel ! Black sand and volcanic rock with an unusual amount of large and not shy mandarin fish – also great for critters and one for the nudibranc fans.

The next day as well as 3 more great dives – we will go on land for an excursion on the island of Banda Neira visiting the local museum, Dutch fort, nutmeg plantation, local market and small but very old Chinese temple. We have breakfast at the nutmeg plantation ! Cruise overnight to Nusa Laut 75nm or Ambon 110nm.


Day 11 Today we either do 2 dives at Nusa Laut – healthy reefs, chance for dugong…or onto Ambon for some fabulous muck dives with critters galore – this area is known for many rare and unusual species including the psychedelic frogfish and Ambon scorpion fish


Day 12 Disembark 08:00am in Ambon or Maumere if doing the trip in reverse leg of the amazing adventure for morning or afternoon flights to your next destination