Snorkeling in Alor

Anthias AlorIf you are not a scuba diver but you are looking for a place where you can find a huge
concentration of fish & corals right from the shallow waters, Alor is a place for you!

Many would say Scuba divers can see more marine life the deeper they go but it’s actually not necessary true.
The past 12 days spent snorkelling in Alor proved it wrong as we experienced amazing encounters and even exciting macro critters during our muck (sandy bottom) sites. Alor Snorkeling CruiseNight snorkelling was also very exceptional!
Every sites we explored had something different to compare and the drifting walls were definitely my favourite ones!
Thousands of Anthias surrounded by untouched coral reefs and crystal clear water were the main background and it truly felt like a massive aquarium, a total bliss!
One thing I really enjoyed about the snorkelling trip in Alor was the fact we could take our time and stay in one area exploring for hours, while when scuba diving we would have less time due to the compressed air in our cylinders…
Mermaid1 has a few snorkel trips a year and it’s a great opportunity for non divers to explore the real underwater World of Indonesia!

Mermaid I Snorkeling Cruise
May 07 – 18, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata