Astonishing Underwater Life

Underwater cave in Misool

No matter how many times we dive in Raja Ampat, we simply don’t get tired of it! This is one of the only places left on the planet where the Wordl’s largest marine biodiversity comes together. Coral reefs growing fast, schools of fish getting larger each time and rich plankton flowing in the water with abundance. It is without a doubt one blessed destination where we are the lucky ones to be able to experience such marine encounters in this corner of our Blue Planet.

Mobula Rays

Sharks and rays seem to have doubled in numbers. This trip the cleaning stations were packed with reef mantas especially up north at Eagle rock. Crystal blue mangroves with booming soft corals, great variety of pygmy seahorses in the Gorgonians making it the highlight of the Misool area.

Mermaid I

Mermaid I is now getting set for one of the most unique trips of the year. From West Papua to Sulawesi through the heart of Halmahera sea!
 It will be one of those 12 days of pure underwater adrenaline. 800 nautical miles and some dramatic sceneries to be filmed with the drone. From the Land of the 4 kings all the way to the number one macro destination in the World, Lembeh Strait!

Stay tuned…

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
January 12 – 21, 2018

Marcelo Johan Ogata