Dolphin in Komodo National ParkWe had some cracking dives in the Komodo National Park this trip! At Castle Rock, a seamount in the north, we were diving in a virtual fishsoup – Giant Trevallies, Surgeonfish, Snappers and Batfish in great numbers, as well as Whitetip and Grey Reef Sharks patrolling the deeper parts.Fishsoup Komodo National Park

Batu Bolong, another famous dive, delivered big schools of fish, plenty of sharks and, drumroll, five dolphins!! A first for most of our guests onboard. Happy days!

Our luck continued in the south, where we could admire no less than 10 big Manta Rays using the fascilities of the cleaning stations. Impressive to say the least!

Good conditions allowed us to spend a whole day at Sangeang Volcano, with stunning visibility and plenty to see – Ribbon Eels, Nudibranchs, Orangutan Crabs, Ghost Pipefish and best of all: incredibly healthy reefs!

Komodo Scuba Diving Cruise with Mermaid II 
July 15 – 22, 2017.

PJ Widestrand