Another great week with wonderful marine life

Manta Ray in Komodo IndonesiaThis week in Komodo was particularly memorable down in the south where we had truly epic ‘manta madness’ in Manta Alley. In clear waters our guests were immersed among over 20 mantas swirling around the cleaning station, and in the alley itself they were joined by a small school of mobula rays. This was one of the best days with mantas we’ve had all season!

Over the strait in Horseshoe Bay at the bottom of Rinca Island we had some great macro dives at ‘Yellow Wall’ and ‘Torpedo Alley’ where our guests photographed Coleman shrimps, zebra urchin crabs, clown frogfish, shaggy frogfish, ambon scorpionfish, emperor shrimps, and a plethora of nudibranchs.

One of the most famous sites in Komodo, and a must for every visiting diver is ‘Batu Bolong’ in the center of the national park. Coral reef at Batu Bolong KomodoWe dived this at exactly the right time, with few other dive boats and very mild current. The water was clear, and everyone was blown away by the colour and fish life – like diving inside an aquarium! We watched giant trevallies cruising along the reef and hunting, while sharks scoured the depths below, and clouds of orange and pink anthias filled the shallows. A truly magnificent dive.

Our Komodo trips always end with some fantastic critter dives at Sangeang and Sumbawa, and this week our amazing Indonesian dive guide Bob found a rare and elusive Lembeh seadragon and a pair of Braun’s pughead pipefish all within a few meters of each other.

Another great week with wonderful marine life. Off we go again! 🙂

Mermaid II Komodo SCUBA Diving Cruise
October 14-21, 2017

Christian Loader