The Beauty Of The Currents Of Komodo

Coral reef in Komodo IndonesiaCurrents are so much fun and I am here to tell you why diving into it is such a wicked experience.

It’s always a very exciting dive when we get to be amongst large schools of fish and other big stuff. And one of the main reasons that brings all the fish action together is actually within the currents, nutrient rich water!

Plankton is the most important source of food that corals and small fish feed on, small fish
attracts predators like sharks and other hunters like Giant Trevalies, Tunas, Snappers, Barracudas, etc. Plankton also attracts even bigger and peaceful creatures as well, such as massive Manta rays and even the largest of all, the Whale sharks. Now imagine you are surrounded by all of these… it’d certainly be an amazing dive, wouldn’t it?

Although current isn’t as crazy as some people may think it is. We obviously wouldn’t attempt to take divers into rough conditions as safety is our main priority. Fighting against currents is something we also try to avoid, after all diving is meant to be fun and not a gym workout. So what do we do to enjoy it then? We simply drift along, yes that’s right, we go with the flow! That moment that you feel like flying underwater is simply stunning and it will surely be  one of the most remarkable experiences that Komodo has to offer!

Most of the dive sites are done in protected and sheltered places and only a few sites we may expect the drifts tho. And that’s what is sweet about our Komodo trips, different types of dives, currents, easy, great night dives, slopes & walls, volcanic black sands and all of it filled with a breath taking marine life biodiversity….

Mermaid I Bali – Komodo – Bali Scuba Diving Cruise
Aug 31- Sep 09, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata