Inspiring, Pristine, And Incredible Dives

Napoleon Fish in Komodo National ParkAn outstanding trip back to Komodo covered with rare and majestic marine life!

Reef slopes and walls combined with thousand of Anthias filling the blue background! That’sprobably one of the post cards of Komodo. Pretty blue, sharks, fish schooling, eagle rays and more big stuff! Most of the dive sites up in the north of the national park had great visibility. Graceful Mantas and incredible macro life down the south too. Beautiful black coral bushes & black sands and even a new born Flamboyant cuttlefish decided to show up to say hi! Komodo without a doubt has one of the most rewarding muck dives sites in Indonesia and Horse Shoe bay is a spot that is hard to beat!
Dramatic scenery and landscapes above the water as well followed by Dragons on the beach to keep things exciting!
Komodo is one jurassic place, one magical destination and a must for every diver!!

Mermaid I Bali-Komodo-Bali SCUBA Diving Cruise
Aug 21-29, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata