Komodo, The Land of the Dragons

Broadclub cuttlefish, Komodo IndonesiaAnd so it begins, Mermaid1 gets started with the first trip of the season in Komodo!
An unbelievable scenery that is hard to be described as there isn’t any other places on Earth that it can be compared to.
Volcanos, black & white and pink sand beaches, more mangroves, Mantas and Dragons! Cold & warm waters, strong currents, sharp corals, stunning fish action!
A critters paradise and macro heaven for the muck divers specially when it comes to endemic nudibranchs & flatworms.
Frogfish, Seahorses, tones of snake eels were also spotted in shallow waters during this trip. Once again our snorkelers experienced a huge amount of life under and above the water and this is only the early days of Komodo’s season with tones more to be explored!

Mermaid I Maumere-Komodo-Bali Snorkeling Cruise
May 19-30, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata