Komodo, One Macro World

Yellow Bargibanti Pygmy KomodoWe all know Komodo is known for its majestic rays and reef sharks, strong currents that bring great schoolings and other big stuff. But apart from superb hard corals and large fish, does everyone know what lies beneath these waters?

Komodo is surrounded by active volcanos, dark sands and rubble areas which are Coleman Shrimps Komodohome for unreal rare critters that scavenge the sea floors, creatures that most of divers pass by without noticing due to their perfect camouflage and size.

Bottom crawlers such as nudibranchs, crustaceans, frogfish, octopus, squids & cuttlefish, sea horses are some of the most desired macro subjects that we can find in Komodo. And once spotted by you or your guide, the sea floor turns into a real play ground where you can take your time watching and photographing them.

Pygmy seahorses have been also seen already this season which means not only critters can be found on sand slopes but like gorgonians on the reef walls. Hairy squat lobsters that live on sponges and some Ornate Ghost pipefish that usually we tend to find in the Crinoids.

Komodo is a place for every diver, the macro lovers, the big fish lovers, the drift divers…
The variety of dive sites and rich diversity of marine life makes this trip one of the most complete underwater experiences and 10 days on board with Mermaid1 will definitely fulfil your fish wish list!

Mermaid I Komodo SCUBA Diving
June 12-21, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata