Mantas, Eagle Rays & Mobulas!!

Manta Komodo National ParkAlthough we see Manta Rays on pretty much all Bali – Komodo trips, on some they’re just everywhere.

Starting already the first dive in the Komodo National Park, we spent our safety stop watching one of these beautiful creatures circling a cleaning station for a morning fix. More interested in the facility than us, we got a good 7-8 minutes show!

Later the same day in North Komodo, we had a whole bunch of them hanging effortlessly in the current working their wing muscles. Spectacular indeed! An Eagle Ray and a couple of Mobulas tried to steal the show without major success, but it was a nice addition to the cast anyway!Mantas Ray Komodo National Park

During the afternoon dive (we are still talking the same day here!) a very friendly Eagle Ray stayed with us for most of the dive, apparently enjoying our noisy company. One of the prettiest animals to come across!

The real show, however, was in the south. Mating season for the Mantas is round the corner, and they’ve started to form the “trains”, with a large female in the front, followed by several males.

Though a bit of cleaning was going on at the stations, that was more of an excuse for the guys to try their luck with the girls!

Pre-occupied with those matters, we had close encounters for over two hours with10-12 Mantas. Awesome!!

Bali to Komodo Scuba Diving Cruise with Mermaid II
August 5 – 12, 2017

PJ Widestrand