Oceanic Surface Waters

Whale in Komodo IndonesiaKomodo isn’t only a wonderful diving destination, it isn’t all about the World’s largest lizards either. This place actually has something very special, quite large, that not many people expect to find around here.

The past 10 days, Mermaid1 has gone to a very different journey to Komodo. And it was a successful search of mammals with incredible encounters of Dolphins and Whales!

Every day Mellon-headed, Spotted, Spinners, Bottlenose, Fraser’s or Risso’s dolphins joined the cruise while jumping and spinning out of the water. Some times a single group, some times mixed groups interacting together, and all of it right next to Mermaid1. An Unbelievably beautiful synchrony that I could have spent a life time watching.

Then, by a distance a massive tail emerges out of the water, a Sperm Whale comes to the surface to breathe! It got even better when another one and another two decided to come up. We had in total a family of 4 Sperm Whales hanging and showing off around us!

Snorkelling with Mantas, hiking & bird watching, meeting Komodo dragons were also part of this Komodo experience, a simply unforgettable experience!!

The watch isn’t over just yet as we are heading now from Bali all the way to Maumere. Another 10 days cruising and searching for more Whales, Dolphins or anything exciting that comes up to the surface…

Happy watching days!

Mermaid I Whale Watching Cruise
Bali – Komodo – Bali
September 9 – 19, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata