Surreal Place!

Hawksbill Turtle in Komodo National Park IndonesiaThis week on Mermaid II we welcomed onboard a dive group from Hawaii who were super excited to immerse themselves in Komodo’s rich waters!

At the famous drift dive site ‘Karang Makassar’ we all had a fast ‘flight’ with numerous mantas passing, along with hawksbill turtles. Our guests all loved their first drift diving experiences and were keen for more fish action in Komodo’s currents.

Sweeper Fish in Komodo Indonesia‘Crystal Rock’ & ‘Castle Rock’ were also highlights this week, both very fishy dives as we hooked in and enjoyed the show!

In the south of Komodo there were plenty of mantas getting their treatments done at the cleaning stations, swirling around our guests. Happy, smiling faces all round after this amazing dive!

Over in Horseshoe Bay we found some beautiful Coleman shrimps on fire urchins at ‘Yellow Wall’, and had a great night dive on a critter-filled black sand at ‘Torpedo Bay’.

The Komodo season is sadly almost coming to an end, but we still have a few more weeks to enjoy this surreal place!

Mermaid II Komodo Diving Cruise
October 7-14,  2017

Christian Loader