Wildlife Above, In and Below The Water

Mermaid Liveaboards Komodo Indonesia
No matter if snorkeling or diving, what we all have in common when going on a trip like that, is the love and passion for any kind of wildlife. Indonesia, and in particular the Komodo National Park, is so rich in species above as well as below the water surface. Mermaid Liveaboards Komodo IndonesiaTherefore, happy days for nyone interested in birds, bats, insects, Komodo dragons, whales and dolphins as well as all marine life enthusiasts being able to snorkel with mantas, snakes, cuttlefish and octopi.

Ten days aboard Mermaid I, cruising all the way from Bali via Medang and Satonda Island, Sangeang Volcano, Komodo to Maumere in East Flores where we finally finish our trip. Ten days full of traveling, exploring, spotting wildlife and taking pictures. Ten fun filled days with some wonderful guests to create the perfect wildlife experience!

Mermaid 1 Bali-Komodo-Maumere Whale and Dolphins Watching Trip
September 14- 23, 2016

Sonja Geier