Another trip with beautiful conditions – clear blue water and just enough current to bring all the good stuff in!

The seamounts in North Komodo were packed with fish, and we found ourselves totally embedded in Surgeonfish, Snappers and Fusilliers while the predators, such as Giant Trevallies and Whitetip Reef Sharks, circled us, waiting for the right moment to strike. One group even saw a pod of Dolphins joining the hunt. Exciting indeed!Fish School Komodo Indonesia

Luck continued in the south, where we got a full demonstration of Manta Ray behaviour – feeding at the surface, playing in the current, forming mating trains and getting nice and shiny at one of the cleaning stations. Dives to remember, maybe especially for the divers onboard who got to see these wonderful animals for the first time!

Sangeang Volcano delivered as usual, and we were treated to a pretty impressive collection of weird and wonderful critters. Lots of Nudibranchs, several Ghost Pipefish, juvenile Frogfish, Flying Gurnards and an elusive and very photogenic Wonderpus, happily trotting over the black sand, not minding us at all!
We also visited a small and very friendly local village right at the foot of the (still active!) volcano before starting our way back to Bali.

Bali-Komodo-Bali Scuba Diving Cruise
Mermaid II Aug 19-26, 2017

PJ Widestrand