If there ever was a trip that would be ”The Manta Trip”, it would have to be this one!! We thought we were lucky (well we WERE extremeley lucky by anybody’s standards) when we spent the better part of a day with 15 Mantas in the south of Komodo. Little did we know, that the following day would bring us an incredible 35 (thirty-five!) of these majestic animals at a divesite further north.

These Mantas were just lining up, slowly flapping their wings in the current. We had them in front of us, behind us, on both sides as well as above us. For the entire dive! An experience no-one present could possibly ever forget, trust me!

But let’s not forget all the other wonderful sightings we had: At Satonda Island, we found a really cute little juvenile Batfish, two cm big at the most, at Gili Banta we saw a whole collection of Snake Eels – Crocodile, Clown, Banded and Brown-shouldered varieties as well as the, somewhat expected, Stargazers that are resident here. Good Shark action as well, with lots of Whitetips and Grey Reefs at the northern divesites.

This beeing the last trip this season in the Komodo National Park, there was a farewell surprise for us – an elusive Wonderpus decided to make an appearance! Up and about, and in no hurry what so ever, this spectacular little cephalopod did all the stunts we could ask for, before, eventuallly, it slowly moved back into its home in the sand.

A great season was over, one of the best ever, but on the way back to Bali, we were already dreaming about next year!

PJ Widestrand