Already previous trip we started to see lots of Barracudas on many divesites up in Burma. This trip, it was an explosion! Some of the schools must have been more than a thousand animals strong. Pretty impressive!

At Yellow Rock, we found ourselves swimming among equal numbers of Yellow Snappers. Maybe not as thrilling as with the Barracudas, but really beautiful, the blue water and the abundance of soft corals here creating a spectacular backdrop.

We hadn’t seen any Jenkin’s Rays for some time, but on this safari we found them on Three Islets, North East Little Torres and Western Rocky. A couple of them quite big, measuring a good 2.5 meters from nose to tail.

Slightly smaller, at just 8-10 mm, were the pair of mating Tiger Cowrie Shells, completely oblivious to the rest of the world, that we discovered at Black Rock. For those of us with macro lenses on, this was a rare opportunity to capture these stunning little animals.

We almost always see Leopard Sharks on these trips, and this one was no exception. Most encounters were at Fanforest Pinnacle, but we also saw them at Western Rocky, and, for the final dive at Sharkfin Reef in the Similans.

PJ Widestrand