Amongst the Chaos

Manta Ray Raja Ampat, Coral Reef Raja Ampat Amongst the wonderful chaos of the diving that Raja Ampat offers, it can be difficult at times to stop to admire the simple things. And just to clarity what I mean by wonderful chaos, I mean periodic passovers by oceanic and reef manta, wobbegongs, blueringed octopus, and the continuous shoals of fish at every corner. From the moment we drop into the intrepid Raja waters our senses are on full stimulation..with the exception of smell. (Because we’re wearing a mask). This is my fourth straight season in Raja Ampat with Mermaid II and I think I’m just now starting to get a bit of self control when it comes to focusing on the small things. And just to clarify again, I’m not talking about nudibranches
and pigmy sea horses when I say small things, they only add to the WONDERFUL chaos. I’m talking about the vibrant colony of soft coral growing on the underside of a bommie or the way the light dances though the mangrove canopy late in the afternoon. Even after all this time immersed in this region, there is still so much to discover! I suppose it’s like walking though your neighborhood for the four-thousand-and-thirty-second time. Instead of looking at the puppies on the corner, you notice the dew on the grass and the way the sunlight plays with the little droplets of water or the smell of a fragrant patch of flowers.

Mermaid II Raja Ampat Cruise
April 06 -14, 2017

by Alex Lindbloom