The Flourishing Biodiversity of Raja Ampat.

2017’s last trip in West Papua, Indonesia.

Giant Trevaly

Anchovies are still found in great schools around Misool’s sites. It’s surprising for us to be able to encounter such a big number as usually this time of the season they would have already been eaten by predators like Jacks and Mobula rays. One particular dive site named Antichovie has recently been a total blast! Explosions of fish action, feeding & hunting creating massive fish balls! If the current is just right the show will continue from the first breath to the last minute of the dive. Sometimes there are so many fish that it is not even possible to see the reef or other divers, without exaggeration…

Mangrove Ridge

This is the first time Mermaid I has ever experienced such a long Anchovie season and due to so much food in the water Devil rays keep appearing more and more frequent in several other dive sites of Raja Ampat! Is there a better way to finish off 2017?

Mermaid I wishes you a Happy New Year with tons more fish to come!

Marcelo Johan Ogata
Trip 23/12/2017 – 01/01/2018