Awe-inspiring Raja Ampat. Another breath taking trip in West Papua nailed.

Denise Pygmy Seahorse

Denise Pygmy Seahorse

After a week dealing with supermoon currents the diving conditions have settled again leaving most of the dive sites as easy & mild places to dive! Even flat conditions and less water flow didn’t stop us seeing the amusing amounts of fish on the reef and great numbers of Oceanic and Reef mantas were found on the cleaning stations. Cephalopods and other macro subjects were completely exposed making it easier for us to spot and film them.

Visibility also has improved and that’s when you realise how wide and colourful the pristine reefs of Raja Ampat are! Aggregation of fish has increased from last season and it’s definitely a great thing to see more and more sharks. An awesome sign that conservation projects really are making difference around here!

Raja Ampat, an ever-growing beauty

Mermaid I, Raja Ampat
December 13-22, 2017

Marcelo Johan Ogata