Komodo Trip Report by Nu Parnupong

Komodo with Mermaid I 16-25 September, 2012

If you asked where’re all the Manta ray in Komodo on September? Now They are all in Takat Makassar.We spotted more than 20 Manta  congregated at Takat Makassar.They came here to finding love!Our friend saw them showing mating ritual too.Amazing Takat Makassar!!!

Not only the Manta ,Komodo show up her fantastic biodiversity with tons of critter.Loads of Frogfish for Froggy lover.We spotted the tiniest frogfish ever saw in Gazer beach,Gili Banta.This little yellow fella smaller than 5mm absolutely cute(See it on 3:04-3:11) and Hairy frogfish in Sangeang  Volcano!!! We found the Santaclaus Pygmy Seahorse!!Moreover 2 species Bargibanti and Denise’s Pygmy seahorse,the undetermined species yet but well known in Raja Ampat .We found it now in our secret place (See it on 1:38-1:47) All the macro star showing up in Unsual Suspect,Bima.Tiger shrimp,Wonderpus,Seamoth,Seahorase,Frogfish and loads of Nudi.You named it we will find it.

And our black beauty Sangeang Volcano.Amongst the black sand is black coral forest we can find 3 kinds of Ghost pipefish ,Ornate ,Robust and Rough snout Ghost in the same dive!Hotrocks still blowing the bubble with pristine reef in the background

We head on to Gili lawa laut.Castle rock is absolute stunning with fish action, showering with school of fusilier,Bluefin and Giant Trevally accompanied by Whitetip Reef Sharks.We can heard the “Fish thunder” sound when all the fish run away from Trevally with lighting speed Wow!

On the top side activity,We visited Komodo Dragon,Wild Boar,Timor Deer,Cackatoo bird and a lots more on the walk in Komodo.Not enough Dragon’s photo we cruised to Horseshoe bay where you can see wild Dragon strolling on the beach in afternoon.We’ve got a great Dragon’s photo upclose and personal.Then it’s time to dive famous Cannibal Rock,Xebra crab climbing the fire urchin,Sea apple munching the feeding arms and the Fashionista Nudibranch “Miamira magnifica” absolutely amazing design from nature.

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Nu Parnupong,