School Time

School Fish, Komodo National Park

Mermaid II’s last trip though Komodo we had a very lucky and mesmerizing encounter IMG_2671with a monumental shoal of fusileers.  There were sharks all around including several large grey reef’s but they were secondary to this every changing mass of glittering blue and silver fish.  At first it was just a bunch of the fusileers feeding in peace and spread out across the pinnacle, but as soon as the current started to move ever so slightly the predatory instincts within the very large giant jack fish kicked in and mayhem (for the fish) ensued. In seconds every fusileer was now in a solid ball of fish and franticly trying to make it’s way to the center in an attempt to escape the serrated jaws of the predatory jacks. As the jacks began to ambushed the ball from all sides the way wolves do on a heard of bison, the small fish would shift and break away momentarily like watching the blue liquid  in a lava lamp lamp in fast forward. Floating below it appeared to be well choreographed dance, but somehow I don’t think that the fusileers felt the same.

Mermaid II
Komodo Cruise Jul 11 – 18, 2015

Alex Lindbloom