A Hammertime, A Hammertrip

Frogfish Ring of Fire indonesia

It is our second trip crossing the Banda Sea and reverse route from Ambon to Maumere in East Flores. Expectations are high since conditions were beyond perfect on our last trip: flat calm seas plus perfect weather, stunning visibility, lots of critters, big fish and of course Hammerhead Sharks. Who would have thought this could get even better?

Already on the second day of the trip all guests had great and sometimes very close encounters with the Hammerheads. Our lucky streak continues as we bump into bigger schools of Hammerheads, down in the deep though, but thanks to clear blue waters it still allows for great pictures and footage. A big Silver Tip Shark is mingling amongst the weird looking Big Hammerheads.

For whoever expected this would only be a trip for big fish lovers – you’ve been mistaken! Some world class muck dives can be found in the area of Alor and Kawula Island in Flores. In only tow days Hairy Frogfish, Ambon Scorpionfish, Wonderpus, Blue Ring Octopus and Rhinpias are on the list of things ready to get written down in the logbooks!

Mermaid I Ambon-Banda-Maumere Cruise
November 05-16, 2016

by Sonja Geier