A World Full Of Colours

Boo Window, Raja AmpatBefore becoming a diver I always thought the deep blue is a bit frightening – looking from
the top all I could see was this endless black water mass below me. Little did I know about
the colourful and amazing world down there and I bet quite a few people out there will
agree with me at this point.

Raja Ampat Coral & ReefToday, I surround myself by the most mesmerising creatures, brightest colours and
beautiful patterns almost every day and it is still hard for me to believe what a wonderful
world is down there. Especially in the Misool area in Raja Ampat, which is famous for
endless reefs covered in soft corals, my eyes cannot get enough of the extensive colour
portfolio. All the different shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green
together with bizarre shapes and patterns remind me of the kaleidoscope I used to play
with for many hours when I was a kid.

This fascination is amongst other reasons what keeps me diving. And it is this fascination
which I think we should pass on to all the non-divers because the world down there is so
full of colors!

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
November 1 – 17, 2015

Sonja Geier