All Angles Covered

Mermaid Liveaboards, Manta Ray Last week in Raja Ampat, just before the next dive at Manta Ridge, which just
happens to be an amazing site for up close manta encounters, we spotted several
mantas on the surface. Manta Raja AmpatFeeding mantas are one of my most favorite things to see in
the ocean. Mouth agape they eagerly flap about and feed on the planktonic organisms
that are pushed to the oceans surface. Where the plankton is in it’s highest
concentrations it’s not uncommon to find large groups all feeding in unison. I have
just recently purchased a drone with a built in camera and these mantas on the
glassy surface was the exact sort of thing I bough it for. After take off I was
hovering directly over the five mantas and watching the whole feeding frenzy from
the screen of my mobile phone. It was an amazingly, unobtrusive, new perspective
that I had never witnessed before. With batteries running low I landed my miniature
aircraft and everyone one board jumped in the water to snorkel and dive with the
graceful pelagic giants. It’s a surreal experience to witness such a great natural
event from literally every angle in just a matter of minutes.

Mermaid II Raja Ampat
21 to 29 March 2016

Alex Lindbloom