Alor Adventures

ALOR SNORKELING TRIP - November 25- December 4, 2014 (44)

Our snorkeling special organized by marine biologist Lee Goldman and marine photo journalist Ethan Daniels took us to some beautiful spots in Alor. Close to the volcano Watu Warawutun we were lucky enough to spot two blue whales right next to the boat and witness their flutes go down right in front of us as we followed with the dinghies.

A visit to one of the hill tribes in Alor was another highlight: the traditional dance Traditional Culture, Alorperformance was interesting to watch but even more fun after a few of the guests got invited to join in. Beautiful sarongs, handicrafts, jewelry and wood carved dive goggles are offered at a little market.

Beangabang is the name of a place we explore for the first time. The waters are a bit chillier but the close by hot springs help heating up again before jumping back in to find a blue ringed octopus, all different types of nudis and a jetty full of life!

Mermaid I
November 25 – December 4, 2014

Sonja Geier
Mermaid I