Starting in Maumere, Flores, this was the Biodiversity trip through Alor, Banda Sea, Raja Ampat and finally ending up in Sorong, West Papua.
Banda Sea is famous for stunning walls in crystal clear waters with visibility often exceeding 40-50 meters. Tons of fish and beautiful corals, sponges, tunicates etc.
One of the volcanos here, Gunung Api (also known as ”Snake Volcano) provides a unique chance to dive (and actually interact!) with hundreds of Olive Seasnakes. Poisionous they might be, but pose no threat to divers, though they seem to be quite interested in us!
At the enchanted Banda Islands, we happened to arrive at the yearly War Canoe Race. I know, a ”canoe” doesn’t sound like any big threat but don’t be fooled – these Kora-koras are up to 25 meters long and can carry 100 warriors! This day, however, no war was going on, just the traditional race. Spectacular!
Last part of this long trip was spent in Raja Ampat. As always, amazing soft corals in the south, and a real treat for photographers. The north delivered Mantas and lots of pelagics and a very special dive in the mangroves.

Maumere-Alor-Banda Sea-Raja Ampat
December 5-20, 2013

PJ Widestrand
Tourleader and Video-Pro
Mermaid 1