Ambush Season

Komodo Liveaboards

From Komodo to Sangeang Volcano it’s hard to not find a bommie (coral head) that is not completely engulfed with a cloud of orange sweepers (little orange and silver fish). Diving Komodo IndonesiaOn certain bommies it’s really quite difficult to see what is beneath the cloud of fish. If you waft your hand over them fish small fish part as if your hand and the themselves are magnets with the same charge and reveal the lush coral beneath, and the predators. Wish such an abundance of small bite sized fish, ambush predators such as groupers, lion fish, and various species of scorpion fish and frog fish flourish. If you are able to look past the orange cloud of fish you’re sure to find several leaf scorpion fish perched upon a sponge, which may actually be a fog fish impersonating a sponge! As your eyes adjusts the the explosive scenery there is no telling just how much you could find on one bommie and itcould easily occupy an entire dive!

Mermaid Liveaboards II
Bali – Komodo – Bali Diving Cruise
June 4-11, 2016

By Alex Lindbloom