Maumere-Banda-Raja Ampat Biodiversity Cruise

20141214_Banda smaller

Where to start when the whole trip is one big highlight? On our crossing trip from Flores to West Papua via the Banda Sea we dive colorful reefs, pinnacles, walls, caves and swim-throughs, mangroves, limestone, volcanoes, hot springs. Fish-wise we encounter Hammerhead, Grey Reef and Wobbegong Sharks, Snakes, Pygmy Seahorses, massive schools of Barracudas, Trevallies, Batfish and billions of Red Tooth Trigger as well as Pyramid Butterfly fish.

BIODIVERSITY SPECIAL - December 5- 20, 2014 - SmallerIn Banda Neira, the former global center of nutmeg trade, we visit the local museum and a nutmeg plantation, walk around the small town and admire all the beautiful old Colonial buildings. The view from the old fortress is breathtaking as well!

We continue our 15 day long dive trip towards Raja Ampat, where our eyes get a treat by beautiful soft coral reefs with their vibrant colors. Oceanic Manta Rays are circling us, Pontohi and Bargibanti Pygmy Sea Horses are playing peekaboo sitting in their fans. What an exceptional trip which comes to an end – it will take another 5 months until we get to head off for the next one!

Sonja Geier
Mermaid I