Batu Moncho

Coral Reef, Komod IndonesiaBatu Moncho is home to one of the most extensive and beautiful reefs in Komodo National Park. Vast gardens of hard and soft coral stretch from the surface down the gentle reef slope to the soft white sand that carpets the sea floor and is base for the lush coral bommies where sea fans two meters in diameter sway in the gentle current. White tip reef sharks and various sting rest beside the bommies while miniature shoals of golden sweepers swirl in unison at any sign of danger.
Coral Reef, Komodo Indonesia

Batu Moncho sits on the very northern bit of Komodo island in a beautiful bay which can and often acts as a resting place for larger pelagic species. While the site is not one of the signature manta sites in Komodo there is still a fairly good chance that you will find at least one manta feeding on the surface in the flat morning waters. Dolphins play in the deeper waters off the reef and host the welcome party as the boat enters the protected waters. Turtles are prevalent on the extensive reefs and even on one special occasion a whale shark swam over all the group’s heads. Whale sharks are very rare in Komodo but anything can happen in these waters especially if you are on some of the more remote locations like

Mermaid II Komodo Cruise
October 24-31, 2015

Alex Lindbloom
UW Videographer