Cloud of Chevrons

Chevron Barracudas, Mermaid Liveaboards

Imagine clouds moving in and making the sun disappear – this is pretty much what happened to us on our dive in Pantai Sago in Tifore on our way back from Lembeh to Raja Ampat. But it was not a cloud which caused it: a gigantic school of Chevron Barracudas out of the sudden moved towards us, leaving us breathless considering the look and effect of this big silvery school of fish. 20150208_Nudi_Retreat Website

Thousands and thousands of Chevrons passed and circled us; a videographer’s or photographer’s dream came true! Three dives with this enormous and unique “cloud” of fish even got better when a massive school of Jackfish joined the fun. Definitely THE highlight of our trip!

Lembeh-Halmahera-Raja Ampat
Mermaid I Feb 7- 18, 2015

Sonja Geier