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Critter, Scuba Diving Komodo

Some of the fish life but especially the critters and creatures sometimes make me smile underwater since they look like they have just escaped a cartoon. It always makes me wonder how nature could come up with such funny looking animals.
Lembeh Sea Dragon, Scuba Diving Komodo

If you have ever seen a Lembeh Sea Dragon (although the name suggests they only inhabit Lembeh, we actually get to see them on our Komodo trips), you will know what I’m talking about. This tiny little creature belongs to the seahorse family, is thin like a piece of string and has a maximum length of maybe 20 cm. Once you get a closer look, you can make out a small red something on top of its head which almost looks like a tiny “fringe”.

Another funny animal which belongs to the family of crustaceans is the Slipper Lobster. Most of the time spotted on night dives, when the lobster moves over the reef or sand in such a clumsy way with its big antenna and two shiny black eyes at the very edges of its body. The name comes from the absolutely unique shape – just like one of these hotel slippers!

Mermaid I Jul 25- Aug 3, 2015

Sonja Geier