Diving an Active Volcano!!

Ghost Pipe Fish in Komodo We had an absolutey wonderful day at Sangeang Volcano this trip! Blue blue water, stunning corals and full of interesting critters of all sizes.

Most famous dive here is Hot Rocks, where you have very obvious signs of the volcano not being quite dead yet – bubble fields in the shallows and really hot rocks to pay a visit should you get a bit cold 🙂Ghost Pipe Fish Komodo

For photographers it’s a dream come true! Colourful reefs with a black sand back-drop make any size SD-card just not big enough!

The macro is stunning as well – tons of beautiful (and unusual!) Nudibranchs, Ornate Ghost Pipefish in all flavours, Seahorses, rare Octopi etc etc.

And that’s just the day dives: at night a whole other lot comes out, with a chance for the (rather funky) Starry Night Octopus, White V Octopus, absolutely regularly sized Seahorses (you’re probably done with the pygmies at this point…) and an array of nocturnal Nudibranchs, such as Spanish Dancers, Moon-faced Nudibranchs, Arminas and Flabellinas. You might even find Pom-pom Crabs, Hairy Shrimps or juvenile Frogfish!

Mermaid II Jul 29 – Aug 5, 2017

PJ Widestrand