Dolphin Dream

Dolphin, Komodo National Park

It is our last trip of the Komodo season and on our last dive for 2014 at Crystal Rock, a dream comes true: two dolphins pay us a brief visit to say “bye bye”! Another fantastic dive at Castle Rock right afterwards surprises us with two huge Grey Reef Sharks which swim right in front of us to check us out.

Baby Komodo DragonAll kinds of different critters and creatures are spotted on our night dives at Torpedo Alley, Wainilu and Pink Beach – juvenile Warty Frog Fish, Ambon Scorpion Fish, Leaf Fish and Bobtail Squids to just mention a few.

Highlight of the Rinca trekking is certainly the baby Komodo dragon, approximately 7 months old, which is playing “peekaboo” with us, sitting in a tree and hiding from its cannibal parents. Another fantastic trip finishes in Maumere, where we get ready for another adventure.

November 15-24, 2014

Sonja Geier
Mermaid I