From the Surface

Komodo Indonesia, Mermaid Liveaboards

We all know how much Komodo offers just below the surface, if you don’t then I’ll tell you now, there is loads. To give you an idea, scientists estimate that one small reef in Komodo can have more species than the entire Caribbean Ocean. What about the area off the reefs, the blue water between reefscapes and islands? Well there would appear that the biodiversity extends to the blue as well. In only one trip the guests on board Mermaid II witnessed an abundance of unique and amazing pelagic species during the surface intervals. We had breaching Marlin on the horizon while thousands of flying fish spread their wings and took to the skies. On a dingy ride back from one of the islands we had a pair of mating hawksbill sea turtles and several reef mantas feeding in the shallow bays. Twice the boat came to a sudden stop as two whales crossed our bow and disappeared into the setting sun, the second time was for a wale shark that circled the boat and then dived down into is blue world. This short description would of course be incomplete without the enthusiastic dolphins that seem to seek out our bow whenever we are transitioning between islands which happens like clockwork. There is nothing like coming up from a breath taking dive with thousands of the most colorful fish and trains of mantas only to sit and sip a hot cup of coffee and scan the blue horizon and have more incredible encounters

Mermaid II Komodo Cruise
November 07-14, 2015

Alex Lindbloom
Underwater Videographer