Solar-powered 420

This was one of our special trips – from Raja Ampat and the Banda Sea to Ambon in the Moluccas. We enjoyed a huge variety of diving, ranging from Mangroves, Reefs, Seamounts, Walls, Volcanos, Muck and even a wreck! Those 12 days just flew by…
Starting in Raja Ampat, we did all the classic dives, including the mangroves of Yanggefo, the pelagics in Dampier Strait, the world’s most stunning corals in Misool and, of course, a good dose of Manta action.
Happy Fort
Out in the Banda Sea, we took the chance to dive one of the Snake Volcanos; Manuk. Sure enough, the reptiles were indeed there and yes, as inquisitive as they ever get, coming right up to the divers to check us out!

Banda Islands next, with absolutely amazing visibility; 50-60 meters. Sheer walls here, and a virtual fishsoup on several divesites. Eagle Rays, Bumphead Parrotfish, Napoleons and Honeycomb Morays joined forces with the Jackfish, Black Triggerfish and a bazillion Butterflyfish.

Wreck 421After Bandas we cruised to Ambon, famous for many things including some of the planet’s best muck diving. We got to see both Mimic Octopus and Wonderpus as well as a good collection of critters such as Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Solar-powered Nudibranchs, Seahorses and Cowfish.

Rounding things off with a wreck, a 137 meter long cargo ship, sunk during the cold war and now covered in beautiful soft corals, we all realized this had been an extraordinary safari!

January 24 – February 4, 2014

PJ Widestrand
Tourleader and Video-Pro
Mermaid 1