All Good Things Come To An End

Raja Ampat SnorkelingIt is our very last trip of the Raja Ampat season and what started with some unforgettable
moments last year November finishes now on another high.Mating Walking Sharks, zillions of Silversides getting chased by Mobula Rays, my first encounters of Satomi’s Pygmy Seahorses and a Wobbegong Shark “flying” right over my head are definitely memories which will last forever. Although our “Biodiversity Special”, the big crossing back towards Bali, is the most exciting trip and right ahead of us – I am still not ready to leave Raja Ampat this year!Raja Ampat Snorkeling

Home to some of the healthiest reefs in the world, Raja Ampat creates habitats for more than a thousand different fish species. This attracts divers from all over the globe – but also snorkelers! The marine park with over 50,000 square kilometres offers some spectacular opportunities to explore whilst floating on the surface. Places like the blue water mangroves, shallow reef tops, gorgeous little lagoons and beautiful jetties are perfect spots for our great group of fun guests.

And thanks to our two fantastic snorkel guides and trip leaders, Lee Goldman and Ethan Daniels from “Coral Triangle Adventures”, we find the Raja Ampat Epaulette and Wobbegong Shark rightup in the shallows. Tons and tons of different kind of Nudibranchs are right below us and even a juvenile Sargassum Frogfish is drifting past us.

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Snorkeling Cruise
April 19-29, 2016

Sonja Geier