Grand Slam

Komodo Indonesia
Mermaid II’s most recent trip through Komodo, Sangeang Volcano and north cost of Sumbawa was an
absolute grand slam. Our first day of the trip in Moyo Island and the extinct volcano Satonda, yielded great schools of long fin banner fish and fusileers as well as black tip and white tip reef sharks. Drifting over the rich volcanic black sand we discovered the eerie faces of star gazers and witnessed the natural predation of cardinal fish by the voracious lion fish.

Batu Moncho, Komodo’s northern most dive site started our second day of diving with a lush aquatic garden and at least a dozen different leaf scorpion fish. The dives following in Komodo would be just as rewarding with squadrons of mantas in Manta Alley, endless coral reefs, and some incredible macro finds in the form of blue ring octopus, Ambon scorpion fish, and the flamboyant cuttle fish. I’m constantly blown away by Komdo and it’s jaw dropping diversity.Komodo Indonesia

Leaving the national park we headed over to the Sangeang volcano which always seems to be wrapped
just perfectly in a beautiful blanked of clouds so it’s twin peaks are just visible above it’s rugged terrain. Sangeang would give us an extraordinary experience of what it’s like to dive on a still active volcano as its many small vents bubbled up though the rich black sand. More than just some awesome volcanic bubbles, sangeang offers incredible and highly unique reefs covered in brightly colored crinoids and barrel sponges, schooling fish, and Lembeh quality muck diving!

To be able to dive in one of the wolds best manta sites, cruise around volcanoes, explore some of the richest and most beautiful coral reefs and then to find the ultra rare critters, all in one week…well there is no other trip like it in the world. Of that, I am sure of.

Mermaid II Bali-Komodo-Bali
August 06-13, 2016

By Alex Lindbloom