Harlequin and Pom Pom ?

Harlequin and Pom Pom? Yes, it’s the names of my favorite shrimp and crab species.

This week we found a couple of gorgeous Harlequin shrimps at Wainilu.We found these little guys feeding the starfish on one of our best night dive. And on the next day we could not wait for next night dive in Sangeang volcano. Among the magical black sand many critters show up, the little Frogfishes, Ghostpipefish, White V octopus, Nudibranchs and lovely Pom Pom crab.Everybody so happy to see this little Pom Pom walking and dancing on the black sand.


Komodo trip not only offer you a ton of critters.We love to dive in a rushing current at Shot gun.The dive site that lets you fly through the channel with a view of orange soft coral and schooling fish. At the north of Komodo, Crystal and Castle rock never disappoints us, overwhelming us with schools of fusilier being chased by Giant trevally,
a wall of Surgeonfish, white tip reef shark, Napolean wrasse, Turtles.

This week we have nice weather – calm and smooth. Everybody enjoyed cruising back to Bali with a Volcano sunset view and dreaming to come back here again 🙂

Liveaboard trip October 13-20, 2012
Nu Parnupong Norasethkamol
Camera man & Fish whisperer 🙂