Highway To Heaven

Manta Ray KomodoI may risk to sound really boring making Manta Rays my main subject of this article again but they are definitely THE highlight of almost every trip and surely of this Komodo season. It’s like a dream come true when you drop into the clear waters at Manta Alley and there is this “highway” of reef mantas revealing itself right in front of you – one flying carpet (or manta) after another and they keep coming and coming.Frogfish Komodo

Heaven can’t be any more peaceful compared to swimming in between those gentle giants,
sometimes with only a few centimetres left between us and the huge fish. The dive site is
packed making it a challenge to count all individuals and I get to 22 mantas at a time – but there surely were more behind me or out in the blue.

After a big day in the South, critter hunting was what was still missing on our list of dives. And we shouldn’t get disappointed: rare nudis, a strangely looking hairy frogfish and two
mesmerising flamboyant cuttlefish could be ticket off my our guests and divers. Another
outstanding and memorable trip to Komodo!

Mermaid I Bali-Komodo-Bali
Aug 15-24, 2016

by Sonja Geier