How Good is Komodo?

Manta Ray Komodo IndonesiaMermaid II just returned from quite possibly one of it’s most jaw dropping trips in Komodo. We had all the usual suspects like the stunning reefscapes filled with a bounty of reef fish and all the schools of fish in the blue, and some more…unusual suspects.

As I’ve mentioned in past trip reports, the mantas this season have been more than abundant. Coral Reef Komodo IndonesiaThat continues to be so, only now they are spreading all over the park rather than remaining in the typical ‘manta sites.’ On eight of the twenty dives we were bombarded by trains of mantas. Mantas however, were not the only rays which we encountered; eagle rays, large groups of mobula rays, and even an army of close to one-hundred cow nose rays engulfed one of the dive groups in one of the northern dive
sites! As if all this epic ray activity was not enough, on one of the last dives of the trip a five meter whale shark decided to greet the divers just before they climbed back onto the dinghy. Needless to say Komodo lived up to it’s name plus some and everyone everyone on board had a giant smile on their face.

Mermaid II – Bali – Komodo – Bali
July 2 – 9, 2016

By Alex Lindbloom