Incredible Way To Start 2017

Raja Ampat Scuba Diving LiveaboardsRaja Ampat a majestic underwater world where every marine life comes together.The morning lights shining over stunning soft corals, Sea fans moving back and forth with the surge, Out in the blue drifting into big swarms of fish being hunted by large fish. The bliss of Oceanic Manta rays  flying over our heads and sharks that peacefully traveled by us. Such a diversity coming from the largest to the smallest of the critters.  The textures and colours that changed from day to night making each of our night dives more graceful moments! Raja Ampat such a rich an unique destination to be explored, a real untouched paradise and a dream spot for every underwater photographer!

What an incredible way to start 2017.

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Cruise.
Jan 2-11, 2017

by Marcelo Johan Ogata