Invisible Divers

Schooling Fish Raja Ampat

It is probably that time of the year that the conditions are at its very best here in Raja
Ampat: crystal clear blue waters make for a great start of the trip down in the Misool Area.
On top of that the soft coral covered reefs are covered in fish which make divers
“disappear” every now and then.

Raja AmpatTaking our fantastic dive at Barracuda Rock for example where the sky above us suddenly
went dark with thousands and thousands of Anchovies in a gigantic bate ball moving around
us. Diving in the Dampier Strait has also been extremely fishy, causing some “restricted
visibility” due to massive schooling Yellow Back Fusiliers and Five-Lined Snappers. On top
of that numerous encounters with both Oceanic and Reef Mantas at seven different dive
sites contribute to some temporarily “invisible” divers hiding behind those big fish.

Mermaid I Raja Ampat Diving Cruise
November 18-28, 2015

Sonja Geier