Ladybugs of the Sea

Lady Bug underwater Komodo Lady Bug, Komodo National ParkEvery body loves lady bugs. Their little red shiny bodies with black spots are like little toys as they scuttle about the garden. As a kid growing up I remember searching through my moms vegetable garden looking for these little red spotty bugs, trying to de-code the mystery behind their spots. Thirty years later I’m doing the exact same thing, only now I’m twenty meters deep in the sea in the middle of Indonesia with a giant camera in my hands searching for a  much different type of lady bug.
Lady Bug, Komodo National ParkThe lady bugs I’m looking for live solely beneath the waves of Komodo National Park and I very large numbers on a very special site called Cannibal Rock, one of the most famous dive sites in the world and for good reason. Though they are incredibly small, about the size of a land dwelling lady bug to be exact, they are super photogenic if you have a decent macro lens. Their shiny little white bodies with giant red  cartoonish eyes and little orange and black spots make them a perfect macro subject. Even for the non-photographers they are highly entertaining to hunt for and then watch as they flits and flutter about their colorful crinoidy habitat.