Like In An Aquarium

Blue Ring Octopus KomodoDiving in Komodo can feel like swimming in a gigantic aquarium with countless numbers and species of fish, calm and clear waters – only difference being that there is no glass windows!

Our morning dive at all time favourite “Batu Bolong” describes that feeling perfectly: Shark Komodo National Parkdropping down at the steep boulders, making it all around the massive pinnacle without any current but amazing visibility and fish as far as diver’s eyes can reach. The next day conditions couldn’t be any more in favour to us: “Crystal Rock” as well as “Castle Rock”, two signature sites of the Komodo National Park – 28 degrees celsius in clear blue waters and slack tide but still a good dozen of sharks, schooling fish life, a friendly Eagle Ray and even a passing Whale Shark.

After all the fish actions it’s time for some critter hunting at “Siaba Besar” and we don’t get disappointed – a black juvenile Hairy Frogfish walking its way slowly on the white sandy bottom. “Hot Rocks” and in general Sangeang Volcano has been heaven for creature lovers all the way but finding a Blue Ring Octopus flashing its bright blue circles is truly something special. Many happy faces putting down some unique fishes and creatures in their logbooks after another incredible trip onboard Mermaid 1!

Mermaid I Bali – Komodo – Bali Cruise
Aug 25- Sept 3, 2016

Sonja Geier