School of Fish Raja AmpatExploring Raja Ampat on land and underwater, it would seem that there is a limitless quantity of things to see. On the surface, the mysterious karst islands that have the appearance of being made out of melted wax dot the horizon. Their labyrinth of emerald lagoons plays host to carnivorous plants while the lush jungles canopy bursts with avian life. In the deeper water and channels the surface bubbles with a frenzy of fish below which attracts a fleet of filter feeders like mantas and even whales!

Descend into the blue depths of Raja’s mystic waters and the sheer amount of fish is just astounding. School of Fish Raja AmpatDuring the beginning of the season, now, the islands act as a refuge for the shoals of silversides from the hungry mouths of the pelagic predators like mobula rays and hoards of jack fish. For divers, their presence is most welcome as they swirl around the dive groups in blitzes of glittering light as they desperately try to escape death. Those reef fish that aren’t at the bottom of the food chain, like the sweet lips, batfish, and snappers can be found lazily hovering in perfect unison alongside their hundreds of fellow compatriots.

There is truly no place like in on earth, both in terms of beauty but in the life in hold. There is such an abundance of everything in Raja that even after three years of steady diving in it’s waters I’m still blown away at the the once a lifetime moments that occur more than once in a lifetime!

Mermaid II Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Cruise
December 4-12, 2016

by Alex Lindbloom