Little Lembeh

Muck Diving in Komodo, Indonesia

Sangeang Volcano has turned into world class muck diving, just like in Lembeh, and usually we can’t wait to get in the waters and dive the still active volcano after ticking “the big stuff” off the list at Komodo. A great variety of dive sites around the island make it an awesome day not only for critter lovers.Frogfish, Komodo Indonesia

Whereas “Bubble Reef” and “Hot Rocks” are two stunning sites with a lot of volcanic activity and beautiful soft corals in contrast to the black sand, “Tikno” and “Bontoh”, right in front of a little settlement, are famous for tons of Juvenile Frogfish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Wonderpus and of course colorful nudibranchs just to mention a few highlights.

The ridge at a site called “Deep Purple” is also suitable for the big fish lovers: schooling Jacks, Fusiliers and Tunas are regularly spotted and if you are extremely lucky there might be even a Thresher Shark passing by.

Mermaid I Sep 3-12, 2015
Komodo Cruise

Sonja Geier