Magicians of the Reef

Cuttlefish, Komodo Liveaboards

Cuttlefish of any species shape or size are without a doubt one of the most amazing creatures in the ocean. Their curious nature and acute ability to camouflage and change their bodies texture at a moments notice depending on what their doing or what sort of environment they are trying to blend in with can draw your attention for entire dives. Here in the rich waters of Komodo you can find just about any tropical species of cuttlefish, from the little fingernail sized pigmy cuttlefish, flamboyant cuttlefish, to the more common and much larger reef cuttlefish. Cuttlefish, Komodo Liveaboards

For whatever the reason; water temperature, moon cycle, or mating behavior there was an exceptional amount of cuttlefish sightings during the last Mermaid II Komodo trip. Night dives brought out the smaller and more elusive species such as the pigmy cuttle fish while day dives delivered the ultra camouflaged reef cuttle fish. Guests on board couldn’t stop sharing photos and videos with each other of their cuttlefish displaying the pulsing colors and continuously changing textures during their respective encounters. No matter how many times you see any species of cuttlefish and familiarize

Mermaid II Komodo Cruise
Jul 18-25, 2015

By Alex Lindbloom