Misool’s Deep Blue

gorgonian sea fans, raja ampat


Misool is the southern most region of Raja Ampat and it’s above water landscape is characterized by a spattering of karst islands strewn across some of Raja’s most amazing waters.  Below this tranquil landscape sits an even more unusual scenery flush with giant gorgonian sea fans, schools of fish that swirl and dance in the deep blue water, and breathtaking topography where windows and overhangs are the backdrop to the entire scene.  For some divers it’s the mecca of the pigmy seahorse as the abundant sea fans host large colonies of various species. For those that prefer interactions with creatures that are actually visible to the naked eye oceanic mantas and reef mantas often congregate on several of Misool’s ridges. Raja Ampat Island
While pigmy seahorses and mantas are the mascots of Misool they are by no means the only inhabitants. Large Napoleons cruise in the blue waters with the grey reef, white tips and black tip sharks while walls of batfish slowly make their way from one dive group to another. The reefs are immaculate and bursting with life. As Misool is a bit further south the number of dive boats decreases dramatically, you will no doubt find your boat floating alone with an vast islandscape set in-front of you and an endless possibility of world

Raja Ampat
Mermaid II Jan 21-29_2015

by Alex Lindbloom