Mountains of Fish

Schools of Fish in Komodo National Park
When you have a whole collective of fish in tight groupings, they are referred to as schools, or shoals. While these terms may be the scientific description of large aggregations of fish, it doesn’t really do much as far a descriptions go, at least here in Komodo and it’s so called schools. Castle Rock and Crystal Rock, two pinnacles in the very north of Komodo well known for their fishiness don’t have schools of fish, they have mountains. At Castle or Crystal Rock It’s not uncommon to be meandering around the dive sites and then come across a pinnacle or giant bommie which was never previously apart of the site. As you move closer to this mysterious new topographic addition the blue water slowly reveals the details sea mound which is actually made up entirely of fish! As rivers of jacks, fusileers,
and surgeon fish feed into these mountains of fish they rapidly transform from a solitary dune to a twin peaked volcano which eventually explodes as the predatory jacks pummel it from multiple angles. When the predatory treat subsides the fish resume their own dive-site reconstruction again and if you’re lucky they’ll start with you in the center of it all!

Mermaid Liveaboards II Bali-Komodo-Bali Cruise
October 8-15, 2016

By Alex Lindbloom